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Photographer: Isabella Blandford

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Thank you for visiting our weather station website! What you are seeing is the culmination of over six months of hard work from our team of four Year 12 students (in addition to our photographer, another Year 12 student) at Sandringham School. Each of us bringing our own capabilites to collaborate and build a fully functional weather station.

This project was made using a Raspberry Pi 4, installed on the school's site. It is recording a multitude of readings about the current weather, which are then stored and further processed on our server, before being accessed here.

See below some quotes from our team, sharing their experiences...

Credit to Annie Furness

“This project was really great fun, and I loved working on it. It was also a great way to improve my programming skills. I especially enjoyed designing and developing the front-end of the website - it gave me the opportunity to showcase a project we're all so proud of!” - George Angel

“I worked to create the web server in Python that hosts the website and manages a database, allowing me to develop problem-solving skills. I have really enjoyed working on this project as it is one of the few opportunities to work with other people who are equally passionate about programming and Computer Science.” - Henry Oldroyd

“Working on the hardware was great fun. I got to create the code to read data from all of the different weather sensors. I was then able to help connect all the sensors to the Raspberry Pi. ” - Samuel Posner

“As the Project Lead, I was responsible for looking after the coordination/logistics of the project, but also helping with every technical aspect of the system, from the website to the electronics. Of course, nothing would have been possible without all the hard work from my wonderful team of friends - thank you to you all. On behalf of the team, I would also like to thank all the teachers/staff who have supported this project throughout its development, and wish our maintenance team the best of luck as they look to take the project forward over the coming years.” - Devayan Patel